Have you considered updating your municipal swimming pool to include a wave pool? The Wisconsin wave pool architects from Burbach Aquatics are finding that these pools are highly popular. More clients are requesting them because they bring something unique to their facilities. 

Let’s learn more about wave pools, the benefits they offer and why you should choose our wave pool designers in Wisconsin for your facility! 

What are Wave Pools? Why Choose Our Wisconsin Wave Pool Designers? 

Wave pools are swimming pools that feature ocean-like waves. These waves are man-made. Lots of people enjoy these types of pools, but they’re most likely to please beginner surfers. Imagine wanting to learn how to surf but you don’t live by the ocean. Or, maybe you do live by the ocean but you’re too intimidated. A wave pool is the perfect alternative.

Here are some of the benefits that our Wisconsin wave pool architects want you to know about. 

  • Beginner lessons. Want to separate your facility from others? With a new wave pool from our wave pool engineers in Wisconsin, you can offer surf lessons. Your lessons will be unique because people can practice on all sizes, shapes and speeds of waves. 
  • Recreate the beach. Not everyone is lucky enough to live by the beach. If you want to offer your guests something similar, our Wisconsin wave pool engineers can help! We’ll design a pool that lets your guests catch the waves on a boogie board! 
  • Distinguish your facility. As in demand as wave pools are, our wave pool architects in Wisconsin know that many facilities are hesitant to take them on. Lack of space and not enough staff are the reasons why. If you have the land and the staff, work with our wave pool designers in Wisconsin to offer something truly unique. 

Want to learn more about adding a wave pool to your aquatic center? Call Burbach Aquatics and speak to our Wisconsin wave pool architects who will be happy to answer your questions!