Burbach Aquatics, Inc. has a systematic, time tested approach that is divided into three phases of Professional Service.

Phase I

Feasibility Study/Conceptual Design Development – These are the pre-designed services that help build the foundation and concept for each community’s project. Some of these services include Technical Evaluation, Feasibility & Marketability Study, Capital Campaign, and Referendum Support.

Phase II

Preparation of Detailed Plans and Specifications – With the information gathered during our first phase, we utilize our 37 years of aquatic engineering experience and industry knowledge to design an aquatic facility tailored specifically to our client’s needs. Local construction and health department codes and requirements are incorporated in ever project. This phase produces the documents, plans, and specifications needed for bidding and construction of the facility.

Phase III

Project Bidding and Construction Administration/Observation – Our project manager’s presence through progress meetings, critical on-site observations, pay request reviews, material inspection, shop drawing review, and the Contractor Awareness Program is administered very seriously at Burbach Aquatics, Inc. We create a team environment between the Client, Contractors, Suppliers and the professional staff of Burbach Aquatics, Inc. all working together towards one common goal to provide the community with the best aquatic and recreational facility possible!

We take great pride on being knowledgeable about every aspect of aquatics, from conception through construction to operation. Our commitment to post-completion support is highly evident by our great customer referrals and references.