Phase I

Burbach Aquatics, Inc’s Phase I – Professional Services have been developed over our 40 years of experience to guide our clients through the process of building a new municipal swimming pool or help extend the life of their existing facility.

Our Phase I Professional Services help our clients answer the following questions:


How long will our current pool last? What’s wrong with our pool?  How much is it to repair our existing pool?


How much does a new pool cost? How much will it cost to operate? How many lifeguards will we need?


How will we pay for new pool? Are there grants available for projects like this?


Will our Community support a new pool project?

Burbach Aquatics, Inc.’s – Phase I Professional Services build a solid foundation for any successful project, our proven process has been developed through our experience with previous clients and our highly trained staff will work side by side with our clients to provide them a pool that is unique to their community.

Phase II

Preparation of Detailed Plans and Specifications

With the information gathered during our Phase I service, we utilize our 40 years of aquatic engineering experience and industry knowledge to design an aquatic facility tailored specifically to our client’s needs.  Burbach Aquatics, Inc.’s Phase II Professional Services puts our clients dreams to paper. Our staff works closely with citizen and client staff design committees to develop plans and project specifications that are truly unique to each individual client.

Phase III

Project Bidding and Construction Administration/Observation

Burbach Aquatics, Inc. only works on municipal pool projects, we always work in the best interest of our clients, which means protecting our clients tax payer dollars, as the majority of our projects are publicly funded.  Our project manager’s presence through progress meetings, critical on-site observations, pay request reviews, material inspections and shop drawing reviews. Burbach Aquatics, Inc.’s Contractor Awareness Program is administered very seriously so our clients receive a high quality facility that their community deserves.

Check out a the video below to see one of our pools being built….