Is it time to renovate your municipal swimming pool? Burbach Aquatics offers a wide range of Wisconsin swimming pool services, and one of them is pool renovations. The great thing about a renovation is that you can do as much or as little as you need to bring your facility up to date with the latest trends. To ensure your Wisconsin swimming pool renovation is successful, we offer capital campaigns and referendum support.

Let’s learn more about the signs that your aquatic center is in need of swimming pool repair in Wisconsin and why Burbach Aquatics is fit for the job! 

Signs That You Need a Wisconsin Swimming Pool Renovation 

  • It’s lost its appeal. Is your swimming pool lagging behind others in the area? Today’s aquatic centers have all the latest features, such as waterslides, splash pads, bathhouses, concession stands and even surf pools. Set your aquatic center apart, drive in traffic and boost revenue with our Wisconsin swimming pool services. 
  • It needs constant repairs. If your aquatic center is in constant need of Wisconsin swimming pool repair, it’s a sign that something is wrong. A renovation will take care of the issue and any other problems that may be going on, saving your facility downtime. 
  • It’s not up to code. Health and safety regulations are always changing, and they vary between cities and states. Let our swimming pool services in Wisconsin get your facility up to code so that you not just meet the standards for health and safety but far exceed them. Our 100% reverse flow technology keeps our pools cleaner. 

Why Choose Us for Swimming Pool Renovations in Wisconsin

Burbach Aquatics looks forward to working on a new design with you. Our architects and engineers are highly professional and experienced and will give your project the full attention it deserves. Part of our services include capital campaign and referendum support for all renovations. We’re also proud to be a leader in green technology, collaborative working environments and an impressive 50-year design life. 

Call Burbach Aquatics to learn more about our Wisconsin swimming pool services.