Are you looking for an experienced team of Wisconsin swimming pool designers that has your best interests at heart? Burbach Aquatics is the pool design company for you! We value each and every client of ours, as we know how important it is to have safe, enjoyable municipal facilities in our local communities. Kids need a place where they can exercise, socialize and advance their swimming skills. Let’s make your aquatic center the best thing about your community! 

Custom Designs for Every Client 

No two aquatic centers are the same. Even though they may be similar in appearance and layout, there are always differences that set them apart. What can our Wisconsin aquatic center engineers do to make your municipal pool unique? By considering your budget, your communities needs and your short- and long-term goals, we can  determine which features should be added to your pool.

Some of the most popular enhancements that our Wisconsin swimming pool designers work with are: 

  • FEMA-approved bathhouses for safety 
  • Splash pads with colorful equipment for toddlers and children 
  • Tall, winding waterslides for kids and adults 
  • Wave pools that offer artificially generated waves for a surfing experience 
  • Shallow plunge pools that give people a place to cool off and relax
  • Lazy rivers to mimic the gentle flow of a river 

Experienced Swimming Pool Designers in Wisconsin 

Having a new design created for your swimming pool is an expensive and involved project. We realize that you’re counting on the community’s support, as you will need to get the appropriate referendums passed and the necessary funds raised. 

Fortunately, our Wisconsin aquatic center engineers follow our time-tested three-phase process that includes our effective pre-design services. Once your community sees the design and understands what it will bring to the community, your efforts are likely to be passed with no issues. 

To start a Technical Evaluation of your current facilities, or a feasibility and Marketing Study for a new or renovated facility,  call our Wisconsin swimming pool designers to learn more about your options for a new pool design or renovation. With affordable upfront costs, you have every  reason  to call!