Splash pads are highly popular these days, many communities  even consider them to be the “new” swimming pool. Our Wisconsin spray pad engineers understand why people enjoy these aquatic features so much. They’re safe, expandable and sustainable. When you work with an aquatic design company like Burbach Aquatics, you don’t have to worry about anything but the park and the water. Our splash pad architects in Wisconsin will take care of the rest! 

Reasons to Work with Our Wisconsin Splash Pad Architects 

There are many wonderful reasons to bring a splash pad to your facility with our spray pad engineers in Wisconsin! 

  • Safe. Spray pads are safer than traditional swimming pools because they have no standing water and zero-entry play areas. Because of this, you  have less to worry about with staffing , etc. with lifeguards. 
  • Attractive. Because of the built-in safety features  splash pads offer, parents love them! Let our Wisconsin spray pad engineers turn your facility into a wonderful place for young families. 
  • Sustainable. Our splash pad architects in Wisconsin will make sure that this area is efficient. Some of the things we use include modern filtration systems, solar technology and water recycling. 

Take it a Step Further with a Lazy River! 

Another popular, low maintenance facility to add to your community  is a lazy river. Adults and kids of all ages love these amenities  because they are shallow, relaxing and offer the gentle flow of water, just like a river. Our Wisconsin lazy river engineers can show you what your facility would look like with this addition, and we guarantee you’ll be amazed! Our lazy river engineers in Wisconsin can even add in themed surroundings such palm trees and rainforest animals. 

People are expecting more and more from their community pools, but not everything is more work for your facility. In fact, you can appeal to a larger demographic and save your facility money with a splash pad or lazy river. To start working on your design, contact our Wisconsin spray pad engineers today!