Is your current swimming pool in need of an update, repair or major renovation? Starting with a  new Wisconsin public swimming pool design is ideal. You can avoid problems and update the design to better reflect the needs and interests of your guests and community. For example, if your facility is in a young community, you may want to add a splash pad, zero depth entry, lazy river,  winding slides,and more.

Inventive Public Swimming Pool Design in Wisconsin 

At Burbach Aquatics, our Wisconsin public pool engineers can bring any ideas or designs that you have in mind to life. Our team of architects and engineers is comfortable working on a large scale and is familiar with state and federal health codes, building codes and permit processes. 

Our public pool engineers in Wisconsin consider the natural landscape and the surrounding area as well. Is the swimming pool going to be outdoors in a large, grassy area? Or are we working in a more confined space? Our four decades of experience is available for your benefit.

Here are a few reasons for choosing our public pool architects in Wisconsin. 

  • Advanced designs. We invite you to check out some of our designs so that you can see the type of work that our Wisconsin public pool architects have completed. We’re not afraid to think outside the box, and we always keep the target audience and community in mind. 
  • Pre-design process. We realize that a Wisconsin public swimming pool design needs community support. Thanks to our strategic pre-design services, we are usually  successful with capital campaigns and referendum support. 
  • Dedicated project manager. Each client has their own project manager that oversees the scope of the project. We maintain excellent communication throughout all phases of construction so that you never have to guess what’s going on.
  • Independent. At Burbach Aquatics, we have no affiliations with other pool-related companies. Our Wisconsin public pool engineers work for one person, and that’s you! 

Do you like what you hear so far? Call Burbach Aquatics today to learn more about our Wisconsin public swimming pool design options for your municipal building.