One of the latest trends in pool design is a wave pool. The South Dakota wave pool architects from Burbach Aquatics are excited to show you what this pool is all about and why it’s so popular! Even though people enjoy using wave pools, they are hard to find. With this in mind, you can easily distinguish your aquatic facility by offering a wave pool. 

Below we explain what a wave pool is, what benefits it offers and why you should choose our wave pool designers in South Dakota for your project! 

What is a Wave Pool? 

A wave pool is a large swimming pool that features man-made waves. The waves are impressive and can be many sizes, speeds and heights. Plenty of people love wave pools, but they are especially popular for people learning to surf. As our South Dakota wave pool engineers will tell you, wave pools are most popular in landlocked areas just like here in South Dakota! 

What are the Benefits? 

Our South Dakota wave pool architects love designing surf pools for our municipal clients. Here are the most basic benefits you can expect from this new addition. 

  • Increase traffic and memberships to your aquatic center
  • Offer surfing lessons to beginning surfers
  • Separate your aquatic center from others 
  • Provide a sense of the beach here in South Dakota 
  • Brighten up your aquatic center with a beautiful wave pool 

Why Choose Our Wave Pool Designers in South Dakota 

Our wave pool engineers in South Dakota have designed hundreds of swimming pools. We keep on top of the latest trends and create unique, one-of-a-kind pools for each client. We realize that no two aquatic centers are the same and that each one has a unique layout, different surroundings and diverse guests. This is why our South Dakota wave pool designers approach each project as a blank slate. We can design anything!

The benefits to working with our wave pool architects in South Dakota area:

  • Collaborative team environment
  • Low upfront costs
  • Green technology
  • 50-year design life 
  • 2-year construction warranty 
  • Contractors Awareness Program (CAP)

Learn more about adding a wave pool to your waterpark by scheduling a consultation with our South Dakota wave pool architects.