Burbach Aquatics is excited to share our South Dakota swimming pool services with you! We are very well  known for our advanced aquatic center designs, but we also provide technical evaluations and consulting services for our clients. With our strong background in aquatic design, we’re able to spot problems right away and offer the appropriate South Dakota swimming pool repair solutions.

Leader in Design and Swimming Pool Repair in South Dakota 

Our company has been designing swimming pools for several decades, and our architects and engineers stay on top of the latest trends to offer our clients the best South Dakota swimming pool renovations. From splash pads to FEMA approved bathhouses to wave pools, nothing is impossible with our swimming pool services in South Dakota. We take the time to learn about each client, how much they want to spend and the type of audience they are reaching out to. 

Assisting with Fundraising and Referendum Passage 

One of the things that our clients like best about our South Dakota swimming pool services is that we offer a capital campaign and referendum support. We realize that constructing a new municipal pool is a multi-million-dollar project that can’t be funded entirely on your own. You need the community’s support, and we’re prepared to get it for you. 

Enjoy the Latest Features in Aquatic Design 

With our pre-design services, your community will see the South Dakota swimming pool renovation for itself and all the features that they can enjoy in the near future: a concessions stand filled with great food, bathhouses for safety, steep winding water slides and splash pads for the little ones. Build a community of safe swimmers and a vibrant, active community with a swimming pool renovation in South Dakota.

To explore our South Dakota swimming pool services, call Burbach Aquatics today.