Is your aquatic facility in need of an update? Whether your current swimming pool is old, outdated or leaking water, our South Dakota spray pad engineers are happy to help! We truly care about our clients and value their commitment to providing a safe, clean and enjoyable swimming pool for their community. Our splash pad architects in South Dakota will get to know your facility and the types of people you serve. And, we’ll ensure that your budget is accommodated. 

Before you give us a call, we’re sure that you’d like to learn more about us! We are:

  • Independent. Our South Dakota splash pad architects are not affiliated with any outside sources (i.e., pool contractors, pool equipment manufacturers). Our priority is YOU, and we will not recommend products and services for our benefit.
  • Experienced. You won’t find more seasoned South Dakota spray pad engineers than with us. We have decades of experience designing swimming pools, which is important when addressing energy efficiency, clean, recycled water and ergonomic layouts.
  • Friendly. Renovating an aquatic center is a big project! Our splash pad architects in South Dakota are prepared to stick with you for the duration of the addition. We maintain excellent communication and foster a collaborative working environment. 
  • Resourceful. Splash pads are wildly popular these days, and more communities are requesting to have them because of their versatility, safety and child-friendliness. Our spray pad engineers in South Dakota will create a pre-design to assist with fundraising and referendum passage. 
  • Other options. Make this renovation count! Talk to our lazy river engineers in South Dakota to discuss your options for a lazy river. It’s one of the hottest trends!

Burbach Aquatics looks forward to hearing from you. With low upfront costs, a capital campaign and referendum support, our South Dakota lazy river engineers are easy to work with. Let’s make your aquatic center the best place in the community to be! Schedule your sales presentation with our South Dakota spray pad engineers today.