Are you interested in having a South Dakota outdoor swimming pool design made for your park district, aquatic center or school district? Burbach Aquatics has the team of experienced, qualified engineers and architects that you’re counting on. 

Our aquatics company has provided the highest level of service to over 600 municipal pools – and we’re not stopping there! In fact, with so many community swimming pools being redesigned to meet the latest safety standards, you don’t want your facility to fall behind for having an aging, unattractive swimming pool! 

How Outdoor Swimming Pool Design in South Dakota is Changing 

A handful of years ago, pool design projects didn’t benefit from South Dakota swimming pool engineers as they do today. Builders would handle the pool installation process and that would be all that was necessary. However, there are many new requirements at the state and federal levels that must be followed. 

From health codes to permits to building regulations, our swimming pool architects South Dakota can confidently handle all phases of your project. Aside from the technicalities, we will make sure that your design is truly unique and beautiful for your community. 

When working with our South Dakota swimming pool engineers, anything is possible! Some of our favorite features to add include:

  • Lazy rivers
  • Spray pads
  • Lap pools
  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Swim-up bars
  • Built-in seating
  • Zero depth entry

Why Choose Our South Dakota Swimming Pool Architects 

Municipal swimming pools are massive projects but our experience makes the process simpler. In order to make your South Dakota outdoor swimming pool design a “go”, you must get the referendums to pass and generate enough money from your fundraising efforts. This is where we come in. Burbach Aquatics is highly successful in getting the proper support. Our swimming pool engineers in South Dakota have consistent referendum support and keep the community involved by getting local contracts. 

Not only will Burbach Aquatics provide you with an amazing South Dakota outdoor swimming pool design for your guests, but  we will make it a reality! Call us today for your free  presentation.