Burbach Aquatics is happy to provide you with a technical evaluation of your swimming pool. During this inspection, we can determine what Nebraska pool equipment repair is needed and the solutions for dealing with each issue. Even though swimming pools don’t last forever, we always hope that they last their design lifespan. Unfortunately, our team deals with many issues due to failed Nebraska pool filter systems, low quality materials or poor construction. 

Why Choose Burbach Aquatics for Your Aquatic Needs

Burbach Aquatics is mostly known for our team of architects and engineers that are responsible for custom designing swimming pools and waterparks for municipal clients. Our firm understanding of how pool plumbing systems in Nebraska work also leads us to be a top choice for aquatic consulting services. Whether you’re dealing with an inefficient pool filter system in Nebraska or are having trouble managing safe water levels, we can help.

Here are a few reasons to count on our team for pool equipment repair in Nebraska. 

  • We are independent and not affiliated with any specific pool builders  or pool equipment manufacturers. We will only suggest the best Nebraska pool plumbing systems and solutions for your aquatic center, not for the benefit of the builder. 
  • Our pool architects and engineers carry decades of experience in Nebraska pool equipment repair issues. If your aquatic center is experiencing downtime due to inoperable waterslides or spray pads, the inability to manage chemical levels or other factors, we will get down to the bottom of the issue.
  • If you need a  new design for your aquatic center, or you prefer to add onto your existing pool, we will accommodate your needs. Not only can we address issues with your pool filter system in Nebraska, but also install the latest features such as a lazy river, waterslide, splash pad, bathhouse,  plunge pools, etc 

Your aquatic center was a major investment and an important part of your community. Give your municipal center a positive image by offering your guests a clean, safe and updated aquatic design. Call Burbach Aquatics to discuss your needs for Nebraska pool equipment repair.