Burbach Aquatics is here to transform your waterpark and make it the most wonderful place in the community to be! Our Minnesota wave pool architects are experienced in designing and executing the most exciting swimming pools and waterparks for our municipal clients. Whether you manage a high-end fitness club with lap pools or a family friendly waterpark with a wave pool, our wave pool designers in Minnesota will ensure the beauty and success of your facility. 

Meet Our Minnesota Wave Pool Engineers

Burbach Aquatics has been in business for over  40 years, and we have a team of highly skilled Minnesota wave pool designers who have worked with aquatic centers, YMCAs, park districts, town and community swimming pools and more. We handle the design side of things, and once your layout and features have been approved, the construction of the project is put up for bid. 

One of the benefits of working with our Minnesota wave pool architects is that we are not affiliated with any other pool contractors or equipment manufacturers. A lot of the companies that provide design services have an affiliation with pool contractors, which makes them likely to encourage their services instead of ensuring the best overall value to the community. 

T these services may not be best for your pool design. Because our wave pool architects in Minnesota are independent and do not make commission off working with particular individuals, we only recommend what we think is best for you, making you our  number one priority. 

Add a Wave Pool with Our Wave Pool Engineers in Minnesota

Wave pools are extremely popular these days, though not a lot of waterparks have them. If you have the space and don’t mind providing the extra lifeguard staff, a wave pool can be a great addition to your swimming pool and community. Our wave pool designers in Minnesota will be happy to explain what this feature will look like and how it can benefit your facility. For example:

  • Create man-made waves at your waterpark
  • Increase traffic and revenue to your facility
  • Set your waterpark apart from others 
  • Offer surfing lessons for beginner surfers 
  • Host birthday parties and community events 

Discover more about redesigning your waterpark with our Minnesota wave pool architects.