Burbach Aquatics delivers reliable, efficient Minnesota swimming pool services that include aesthetically pleasing aquatic design, professional aquatic consulting and technical evaluations. If your swimming pool requires  a renovation we can help! Not only will you receive the very best swimming pool repair in Minnesota but also a team that stands by your every need. 

Why Choose Us for Minnesota Swimming Pool Repair 

Swimming pools are major investments, both financially and timewise. However, unlike a residential swimming pool that is cared for by its owners, your community is depending on you to care for the facility. If a waterslide is down for the day or the splash pad needs to be closed, this negatively affects the image that others have of your center. Consider people who are coming for the first time and paying an entrance fee, and they can only use half of your pool! 

Unfortunately, municipal swimming pools often suffer from issues that have to do with water quality, safety and usability. If your swimming pool is having a lot of bad days, it’s probably time for a Minnesota swimming pool renovation. This way, the problem can be permanently solved.  

Here are a few reasons for choosing our Minnesota swimming pool services. 

  • Energy efficient technology
  • Capital campaigns 
  • Referendum support
  • 50-year design life 
  • 2-year construction warranty
  • Contractor Awareness Program (CAP)

Getting Started with a Swimming Pool Renovation in Minnesota 

It doesn’t take anything but a phone call to get started with Burbach Aquatics. We will provide you with  a free  presentation that  will give you a good start in umderstanding the paramount points in this process. . We also know how important it is to answer questions you may have about our swimming pool services in Minnesota. 

If you do decide to move forward with a renovation, our team will create a pre-design that you can share with the community. This design is successful in passing referendums and raising the appropriate funds. For your peace of mind, our Minnesota swimming pool renovations also start with low upfront and exploratory costs. 

To discuss your plans for a more efficient aquatic center, call our Minnesota swimming pool services today.