If your commercial swimming pool has needed frequent Minnesota pool equipment repairs as of recently, it’s possible that the root cause may be deep within the actual construction of the design. Rather than replacing parts and wasting time and money in the process, have the engineers from Burbach Aquatics evaluate  the situation for you.. 

Burbach Aquatics: Your Trusted Source for Pool Design Consulting Services 

Burbach Aquatics is a leader in aquatic design. Our clients choose us based on our exceptional record, successful longevity and positive testimonials. So many other municipal facilities have dealt with failed pool filter systems in Minnesota as well as other issues such as leaking water, cracked foundations or inoperable waterslides. With our well-earned and keen understanding of how pools operate and/or fail, our engineers are able to get to the bottom of most pool equipment repairs quickly in Minnesota. 

Why Trust Us for Your Minnesota Pool Plumbing System

Here are a few reasons for choosing our team to assist with Minnesota pool equipment repair. 

  • Independent. Part of the reason why you might be in this position is because you worked with a pool company that was affiliated with a pool manufacturer. As a result, they recommended a specific Minnesota pool filter system. Burbach Aquatics is  independent, and we do not benefit from working with one contractor over another. 
  • Attentive service. Whether you’re having a new pool plumbing system in Minnesota installed or are interested in a custom design, our architects will maintain excellent communication. We take the time to explain things in detail and keep you updated on progress. 
  • Experienced. With several decades of experience and hundreds of pools designed, Burbach Aquatics has become a trusted source for pool filter systems in Minnesota. Let us help you get the most life from your aquatic design.

Burbach Aquatics looks forward to partnering with you! Call us today to learn more about our approach to handling Minnesota pool equipment repairs.