Is it time for a new Minnesota aquatic center design? Community swimming pools have a lifespan of about 20-30 years, so if your swimming pool is close to that, it probably requires  some attention. There are also plenty of new features and amenities to take advantage of, such as huge water slides for older kids and adults, splash pads for smaller kids,  zero depth entries just like the beach, etc. 

Burbach Aquatics has an experienced team of aquatic center engineers in Minnesota that is ready to work for you! Our role is to design a swimming pool that meets your municipal facility’s desires and needs. For example, what types of guests do you serve? Is your pool indoors or outdoors? What is the surrounding environment like? Our Minnesota aquatic center architects consider every detail and how it will affect the community. 

Are Minnesota Aquatic Center Engineers Necessary? 

A question  we are often asked is whether hiring a team of aquatic center architects in Minnesota is necessary. If you hire a pool building company, isn’t that enough? 

Aquatic center engineers in Minnesota have important roles to fill. Pool builders are knowledgeable in what they do: constructing pools. However, when it comes to the actual design, you need a team of engineers and architects to fulfill this. 

Here is a sample of  services  Burbach Aquatics will handle for your aquatic center design in Minnesota.

  • Project plans
  • Cost estimates 
  • Health codes
  • Safety codes
  • Building permits 
  • Landscaping 
  • Building materials 

Highly Individualized Attention 

When your custom Minnesota aquatic center design has been completed, the construction work will be up for bid hence ensuring you receive the best value available. Unlike other pool design companies that are affiliated with specific contractors, we are not, intentionally! This results in a higher quality of work because we won’t suggest certain companies for our own benefit. The only person we work for is you. 

To learn more about having a Minnesota aquatic center design custom made for your facility, call Burbach Aquatics today.