Iowa is a great place to live, but it does mean you’re landlocked. Fortunately, those who enjoy beach activities, such as swimming in the waves and surfing, have another option: a wave pool. 

The Iowa wave pool architects from Burbach Aquatics are receiving more interest in wave pools. These large swimming pools feature artificially generated waves that can be added to any existing water park, providing there is enough space. Some wave pools can hold thousands of people! 

Let’s check out some of the benefits to adding a wave pool and why you should choose our wave pool designers in Iowa. 

Why Work with Our Iowa Wave Pool Engineers 

Just because you live in Iowa doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy surfing! Instead of having to travel to one coast or the other, wave pools are a great alternative. The waves are large and impressive, and they work like clockwork. Every few minutes, new waves come in. This builds anticipation, just like the real thing. 

Our Iowa wave pool architects have designed over 600 swimming pools and waterparks, some of which have incorporated the popular wave pools. We know how to place this pool strategically within your waterpark so that it’s a main feature. Though any waterpark can benefit from a wave pool, our wave pool engineers in Iowa recommend it for facilities with expansive land and abundant lifeguard staff. 

Here are reasons to work with our wave pool architects in Iowa. 

  • Low upfront costs. We have low upfront and exploratory costs. Our Iowa wave pool designers will create a pre-design to assist with fundraising and referendum support.
  • Green technology. Our wave pool designers in Iowa will suggest energy efficient technology to save money on electricity and water. This will help your building run more efficiently and reduce your environmental impact. 
  • Advanced designs. Burbach Aquatics stays on top of the latest design trends. Between wave pools, plunge pools, splash pads and bathhouses, we will create something distinct for your community and valued guests.

To learn more about expanding your aquatic center, call our Iowa wave pool architects today.