The Iowa spray pad engineers from Burbach Aquatics believe that splash pads are wonderful additions to existing swimming pools. They are fun for all ages, especially with the brightly colored equipment and play features such as waterslides, dumping buckets, water sprayers and more. 

We also highly recommend adding a lazy river to your facility, as people of all ages enjoy relaxing in these shallow pools. With so many options for renovating your aquatic center, our Iowa lazy river engineers look forward to partnering with you! 

Why Choose Our Splash Pad Architects in Iowa 

Any type of renovation is a big project that requires community support, referendums passed, and money raised. Our spray pad engineers in Iowa help with capital campaigns through our effective pre-design services. 

Once the community sees the design for your new aquatic center, they will be much more likely to approve it. After all, communities need safe, clean places to spend their time. Aquatic centers also give people options in terms of swimming lessons, surf lessons, birthday parties and more. In the end, aquatic centers build communities of safe swimmers and happy constituents! 

Consider that by working with our Iowa spray pad engineers, you will receive: 

  • Capital campaigns 
  • Referendum support
  • Hands-on project managers 
  • Updated communication
  • Advanced designs
  • Latest features 
  • Green technology 

Getting Started is Easy – and Affordable!

Our splash pad architects in Iowa start with low exploratory investments, as we understand that most clients do not have the budget upfront to begin pool construction. Once your pre-design is approved and shared with the community, you can begin getting the appropriate referendums passed. Our lazy river engineers in Iowa will be with you every step of the way. We encourage a collaborative working environment that includes you, our Iowa splash pad architects and the contractors who were hired onto your project. 

Begin working on your design by calling our Iowa spray pad engineers today!