You don’t have to live by the beach to enjoy the waves! The Illinois wave pool engineers and architects from Burbach Aquatics will custom design a wave pool that can be added to your aquatic center. A wave pool is exactly as it sounds – a large swimming pool with waves! The difference is that these waves are artificially generated rather than natural. The beauty in this is that your facility can offer a fun experience with waves of all sizes, speeds and heights! It’s amazing!

Advantages to Working with Our Wave Pool Architects in Illinois 

Here are some of the benefits to having our wave pool designers in Illinois create a wave pool for your facility. 

  • Boost revenue. Very few  facilities include  wave pools, which means your waterpark amenities will be viewed as positive. People who want to work on their surfing skills will come to YOUR facility. Not to mention, our wave pool engineers in Illinois can work on other aspects of your aquatic center for a complete renovation. 
  • Provide lessons. Not only can you increase memberships to your swimming pool, but also you can earn more money and traffic by offering surfing lessons. Our Illinois wave pool architects can design a swimming pool that’s large and conducive for a lot of people, including those wanting surfing lessons. 
  • Bring the beach. Living in Illinois, we’re smack dab in the middle of the country! Let our Illinois wave pool engineers bring the beach to you! Your community and guests will appreciate having some beach added to their lives, and you’ll feel honored being able to deliver this experience.

Why Choose Burbach Aquatics 

Our wave pool designers in Illinois have designed hundreds of swimming pools over the last four plus  decades. We keep up with the latest trends, and wave pools are one of them. Let’s talk about your needs and the types of features you want to offer your community. 

Wave pools do require a large space, and they can be more dangerous than traditional pools, so extra lifeguard staff may be needed. As long as you can fulfill this criteria, our Illinois wave pool designers are confident they can design something special and unique for you! 

To get started working with our Illinois wave pool architects, call Burbach Aquatics today!