Burbach Aquatics is an aquatic design company that follows the latest trends and technology. Our Illinois spray pad engineers are getting lots of requests for splash pads! These additions are perfect for little ones who aren’t ready to be in the deep end just yet. Even older kids love them because they are equipped with fun features including dumping buckets, water hoses, water guns, waterslides, fountains, bubblers and so much more! 

Another great feature to consider adding to your swimming pool is a lazy river. Unlike a splash pad that appeals to younger kids, lazy rivers are exciting for all ages! Our Illinois lazy river engineers will create a new design for your pool that includes a relaxing lazy river with gentle flowing water. Your guests can enjoy light aerobic exercise or bring the rafts on through for added fun! Simply let us know what – if anything – you have in mind and our lazy river engineers and architects in Illinois will turn your vision into a reality. 

Why Choose Our Splash Pad Architects in Illinois 

Burbach Aquatics has been designing swimming pools for over 4  decades, and we love seeing the new trends emerge. Our spray pad engineers in Illinois recommend splash pads for a few reasons. First, they are safe, expandable and sustainable. Also, when our Illinois spray pad engineers incorporate a splash pad, all you need to do is take care of the space and water. There are no lifeguard positions to fill or fences to put up. And, you can update the area whenever you want! It’s expandable and interchangeable. 

Below are a few reasons for choosing our Illinois splash pad architects: 

  • Capital campaign and referendum support
  • Energy efficient technology 
  • 50-year design life
  • Experienced splash pad architects in Illinois 
  • Contractors Awareness Program 
  • Copyright design elements 

Don’t waste another minute! Let our Illinois spray pad engineers update your design for increased traffic, revenue and appeal.