Burbach Aquatics is a qualified aquatic consultant that can address your Illinois swimming pool equipment repair needs. Our architects and engineers are highly qualified and experienced in pool design, which helps us create beautiful, efficient and easy to maintain swimming pools. Whether you are considering renovating your current swimming pool or just need some friendly advice regarding your pool filter system in Illinois, call the professionals from Burbach Aquatics. 

What Makes Burbach Aquatics Different 

There are a few things that make our pool equipment repair in Illinois different. First, we are completely independent. This is important because it means that we will NOT  recommend a specific pool contractor or pool equipment manufacturer for OUR benefit. It’s common for other companies to do this because they are affiliated with other contractors and earn a referral commission. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems such as a failed Illinois pool plumbing system and more. 

Our knowledge, experience and customer-oriented services also set us apart from other companies. We are happy to assist you in any way possible, as we want to see your community  enjoy your pool for as long as possible. Whether you’re faced with constant Illinois swimming pool equipment repairs, high energy consumption or leaking water, our engineers can help. Either we can come up with a solution to repair the issue, or we can design a new pool plumbing system in Illinois that fixes these issues for good and satifies the community as well. 

Failed Illinois Pool Filter System? We Can Help! 

Swimming pools are wonderful additions to any community! Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many times that communities pay millions of dollars to have a new pool built and the pool fails them. Burbach Aquatics has been called in to look at things such as inefficient pool filter systems in Illinois, inoperable waterslides and the inability to maintain chemical levels and more.

Burbach Aquatics is your top resource for aquatic consulting. Call us today to learn more about the best approach to Illinois pool equipment repair.