Illinois may not have as long as a swimming season as other parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean that outdoor facilities can’t benefit from a community pool. In fact, with the hot, humid summers in the Midwest, Illinois outdoor swimming pool design is a necessity! 

At Burbach Aquatics, our Illinois swimming pool engineers and architects specialize in community swimming pool design for locations such as schools, park districts, workout facilities, towns and villages and more. We love coming up with new designs that people have never seen before!

Why Work with Burbach Aquatics 

Years ago, pool projects didn’t require Illinois swimming pool engineers. However, today’s designs are different. They must appeal to a wide audience and meet the highest safety standards. Plus, who wants a standard rectangular pool these days? Why not set your facility apart with design features such as zero depth pools, slides and sun benches? 

Here are a few key benefits to working with our swimming pool architects in Illinois. 

  • Advanced design. Make your facility different from the rest with a truly unique and customized design. With a team of experienced Illinois swimming pool engineers and architects, you will be able to offer something distinct to your community .
  • Excellent construction. All Illinois outdoor swimming pool designs are constructed by contractors, who are independent of our company. . All municipal swimming pools are publicly bid to ensure the best value for your taxpayer dollars.  
  • Independent company. Because we are independent from other pool suppliers and pool companies, everything we recommend is truly in your best interest. Unfortunately, other pool building companies are influenced by outside sources. 
  • Pre-design services. Each outdoor swimming pool design in Illinois includes pre-design services to help with fundraisers and referendums. We understand that you need community support, so let us help you! 

Whether your current community swimming pool is aging, leaking or closed, our swimming pool engineers in Illinois are happy to assist you. With green technology, a 50-year design life and exceptional engineering work, we are confident that our pre-design services will be successful at raising funds and passing referendums. Schedule a free sales presentation and learn more about Illinois outdoor swimming pool design.