Burbach Aquatics provides Illinois municipal pool designs for resort facilities, aquatic centers, park districts, high schools, universities and more. There was a time when hiring a pool engineer was an option, but today’s swimming pools are much more complex. Municipal pool designs in Illinois tend to have the latest features to keep their guests entertained such as spray pads, lazy rivers and more .

Are you ready to develop a design for your swimming pool? Our Illinois municipal pool engineers are excited to work for you! With our pre-design services, we can help you secure the funding and community support you need to start your project. 

What Makes Our Swimming Pools Great? 

Burbach Aquatics has a three phase process, so you can retain our municipal pool architects in Illinois for the duration of the project. Not only are our design professionals talented, creative and resourceful, but also they help with securing the right permits and following through with the appropriate building and safety codes. 

Knowing that you maintain a safe, functional Illinois municipal pool design is important. You want families to come to your facility and enjoy their time with you. In addition to the safety and security we provide, here are a few more reasons why you’ll love working with our Illinois municipal pool architects. 

  • Low upfront costs 
  • Reference support
  • Capital campaign support 
  • FEMA approved bathhouses 
  • 50 year design life 
  • Green technology 
  • Contractor Awareness Program (CAP) 

Getting Started with Our Municipal Pool Engineers in Illinois

Our Illinois municipal pool engineers will start you off with our pre-design services that are intended to get you support. These services are highly effective, and in the majority of cases, help our clients pass the referendum and secure the proper funding. If you are interested in an Illinois municipal pool design, call Burbach Aquatics today and let’s talk about a new design!